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Find this Pin and more on Jen's Wedding Officiant Wear by Kelly Rae Taylor Smith. A. Lore of the Ring When researching Freemasons For Dummies , I came across the urban legend that there are no 33rd degree rings in pawn shops because 33rd degree Masons dabble in witchcraft and are immolated in the practice of Magick™. I had a reply from his assistant within hours: "The image you see behind Pastor Jeremiah’s pulpit is a stained glass art piece above the baptistry. Clergy Rings are available in 10KT or 14KT Gold with an Open or Solid Back. We will examine the possible religious and New World Order ramifications that might flow from many pastors and key leaders of Christian churches being Freemasons. The coming UFO and alien invasion of America. pastors wearing occultic rings Thumb "[T]he world of Harry Potter is still an elite occult world where secret knowledge is the way to power and success," noted Baehr in a review of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," the fifth installment of the "Potter" film series. Rings that symbolize association to a group -- such as a class or fraternity ring, or one bearing a family crest -- make perfect sense on the pointer finger. From funky and big ones to delicate and thin ones, from diamond ones to crystal ones This entry was posted in The Occult and Cursed Objects and tagged how can I tell if an object is cursed, how do i know, identifying cursed objects in the home, is an occult symbol, list of cursed objects, occult symbols in films, occult symbols in my house, something is cursed, what makes an object cursed. The word "occult" is used in my publications to refer to the original latin root "occultus", with the idea of what is "hidden". The New World Order is Satan's one world government. owusu bempah finally speaks about his ring. Jyotish / Ayurvedic Jewelry Below are example photos of Men's Rings that have been made with our our Astrological Gemstones. It cannot be found in the Old or New Testaments. Wicca is a group of various religions which are Pagan in origin. Having said that, any Pastor who preaches heresy is fake and must not be . Goths have always been wearing occult symbols on their clothes or as pendants and rings, but today occult symbolism has yes brother i pefectly agree with that i even get disappointed when i see the extreme way we as a members taking towords that. The Occult Meanings of El/Saturn, the Lord of the Rings Another name that the ancient god El/Saturn is known by is Satan . The name Satan is the anagram for the name Santa . This ring evolved during the ancient Egyptian period and from then on was rediscovered and reinvented by my fore fathers and now I have modified it to make it even more affective. Decorate yourself with many different wiccan, pagan, and celtic jewelry items such as pendants, rings, and bracelets. 28 Beautiful Alternatives For People Who Can't Wear Traditional Wedding Rings. This medieval superstition, like many others, was brought to America from Western Europe no doubt. Wear this MIRACLE ring as a PASTOR,businessmen,footballers whiles praying, members will start falling to the ground shouting and shaking, use the ring to compel the spirits to speak and force them to do as you want of them. This is from the New American Standard: "Let the women When we take a fresh look at several aspects of the New World Order Plan to produce Antichrist, we see that this crisis sweeping over President Clinton just might fit Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Of Games and God: A Christian Exploration of Video Games at Amazon. It can be because they don't have insurance or can't wear it on the job, but no Numbers 31:50 - We have therefore brought an oblation for the LORD, what every man hath gotten, of jewels of gold, chains, and bracelets, rings, earrings, and tablets, to make an atonement for our souls before the LORD. I told him we decided with my husband that we will wear it. Why? simply because it is a good tradition - and we elevated the status of this tradition from "pagan" to "Christian". I Joined Illuminati (Free Mason) In 1966 At An Early Age, Former Prez John Agyekum Kuffour - Duration: 15:17. A ring placed on the left hand indicates that an individual is in a relationship, while a ring placed on the right means that they are single. He is the founding pastor of Elevation Church, which is adding a service in Spirit Square's McGlohon Theatre to its already busy schedule at Butler and Providence high schools. T. In Hindu religion,there is no strict restriction on wearing the nose stud as in the case of a Mangalsutra. Therefore, both married as well as unmarried women can wear a nose stud. The tradition of women wearing wedding rings dates back to ancient Egypt, but it was only in the latter part of the last century that a small number of bridegrooms started doing the same. Then he told me that Ananias and Sapphira also took the decision together. In running a web site with For those requesting for list of Pastors in Illuminati, we do not have the official list. If you brought any Indian or pagan religion artifacts into your home, you could be opening the door for demons to enter and bother the people within your home. The unending circle of the ring is a symbol of eternity. Examples of other locations rings can be worn include in ears, nose, on toes, and in the hair to hold the pony-tail in place. The Pentagram takes many forms and is used by New Agers, Freemasons, Ladies of the Order of the Eastern Star, the Mormon Church, the Orange Order, satanic heavy metal bands, plus major occult groups such as the Golden Dawn. At the time of the wedding, the bride may choose to continue wearing her engagement ring on the left ring finger with her wedding ring or switch it to another finger. Read honest and unbiased product reviews A Biblical look at the false teachings and heresy of The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. A ring is an equipment item in RuneScape worn in the ring slot of the equipped inventory menu. It is common language that then equated it to magic, sorcery and the like, but it is not the original meaning of the word. How Pastors Get Rich Share on Facebook Follow on Facebook Add to Google+ Connect on Linked in Subscribe by Email Print This Post This article exposes the secret methods certain pastors use to get rich off God’s people. Also a solar symbol surrounded by five pointed stars on the sole of Omar's initial pro shoe design for Nike 0_o. It is also called hypnotism,” he explained. powerful message by this en Hey i used to worship at Christ Embassy and some of my sisters' go to Canaanland (Bishop D. But Gino Jenning a real pastor at least he calls out 501c3 preachers and porkchop preachers like Creflo dollar. Rings are used for all kinds of things these days and most are not pagan in origin. Her outfit is strikingly similar to creations showcased in the Satanic London Fashion Show I analyzed last year. The Meaning of a Naked Finger When married men don’t wear a wedding ring, what message are they sending? Anyone who is familiar with the UPC knows that the majority of UPC churches and their affiliates teach against women wearing make-up. Alternative fashion brands have been drawing on occult symbols a lot lately. Oyedepo) when in 9ja, and like i told u Pastors, Evangelist, Prophets and all don't wear two rings, only Bishops wear two rings (1wedding and d other d Bishop's ring), it symbolizes there call/office in the body of Christ. co can confirm. R. The word occult comes from the Latin word occultus (clandestine, hidden, secret), referring to Like many other pagan symbols, the ring has been adopted into Christian ceremonies and rites. Money. That's why we make all our Men's Rings to order, one at a time, in your choice of gems and precious metals. Official home page for Sherry Shriner a Prophet, Watchman, and Sere. Wearing a ring on the left ring finger means the person could be married; it could be a 'Promise to get engaged ring'; an engagement ring (all engagement rings are Wearing a ring is a distinction of honour, but wearing many rings is usually a sign of someone who wants to attract attention to themselves, however many rings are a detraction from the personality, and perhaps a sign of low-self confidence. Sometime if a ring is given to someone that they care a great deal for, but are not in love with them they may wear the ring on the left hand because they are comfortable with it. The Watcher Files - Exposing aliens, reptilians, humans who are possessed and controlled by them, government black operations, aliens, ufos, the secret government and How To Discern, Test & Judge Rightly by Sandy Simpson This DVD is a message based on this article. I have modified few ancient formulas of the ring preparation. . kofi tv. In a 21st 13 Mar 2017 Outspoken Ghanaian pastor, Reverend Owusu-Bempah has denied rumors that he belongs to an occultic group because he wears a special 28 Aug 2007 However, my pastor does not wear those rings - he only wears a the two rings gives me the perception that he might me an occult or recives2 Aug 2012 From Issah Alhassan, Kumasi THE HEAD Pastor of the Christ Power Ministry Akwasi Adu also said most of them wear unique rings, very 23 Feb 2013 1700 Pastors and Prophets visits Ghanaian Sangoma for razor-sharp machetes hung around the room, a rifle, golden rings, money, padlocks Can Women be Pastors? A question came up last night between my fiance and myself about 1 Corinthians 14:34-35. Then she said Adventists don't believe in wearing wedding rings or any other type of jewelry. Lord Jesus, because you want me to be totally free from all occult bondages, I will burn all objects in my possession which connect me with all lodges and occultic organisations, including Masonry, Witchcraft, the Occult and Mormonism, and all regalia, aprons, books of rituals, rings and other jewellery. Instead, she wore two rings—a diamond band and a The practice of wearing rings on the left hand is rooted in superstition that says that there is a vein that goes from the left hand directly to the heart. I would say Baptist, since the couple was married by the power in authority to the Baptist pastor, the place doesn't matter. In his personal letters (many are included in a book titled The Letters of J. This is from the New American Standard: "Let the women keep silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak. Richard Land, President, Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission, Southern Baptist Convention, is a member of The Council on Foreign Relations. Custom Handmade Occult Religions Rings 925 Sterling Silver Biker, Masonic Gothic Style Jewelry Punk Rock Heavy Metal I sent an eMail to Pastor Jeremiah asking why he had the "Eye of Horus," a well-known occult symbol, so prominently displayed in his church. Having said that, any Pastor who preaches heresy is fake and must not be Can Women be Pastors? A question came up last night between my fiance and myself about 1 Corinthians 14:34-35. Occult Signs and Symbols. VIEW GALLERY Satanist [and Luciferians]believes that numbers contain inherent power. Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac used to represent people born September 23 - October 22. Jesus stressed on love and loyality between the tow. But he equipped his team of mythical heroes -- the fellowship of the Ring -- with the pagan powers that God forbids. This, however, has changed in the modern church, as some pastors do permit ring exchange. Burns proves that Freemasonry uses exactly the same symbols in their teachings that Satanists use! Wiccan Rings Ranging from bold to elegant, the Wiccan rings available here at Medieval Collectibles offer a stunning look for any fan of new age styles. and +plus, is a powerful tool we can use to boost our vibes and stay focused The wearing of the wedding ring is the first step for many persons in the wearing of all kinds of other Biblically forbidden jewelry. HPB’s Occult Ring - Another Chapter of Theosophical History Clarified . This sinister world is introduced to children thru literature and various venues of popular culture. Another concern is when people allow objects such as crosses, crucifixes, figurines, rosaries, bumper stickers, etc. FAKE PASTORS IN GHANA by Evangelist Addai Emmanuel. The Meaning of a Naked Finger When married men don’t wear a wedding ring, what message are they sending? The pastor came running over from the other side of the church and said, I saw a snake around her finger. Especially powerful is the use of appropriate colours, gem stones, and metals in pagan jewelry. Blavatsky, foundress of the Aryan Theosophical Society at New York in 1875 and Head of its Esoteric School there is quarrel until today about the if, how, why and to whom of HPB’s occult successorship The Index Finger - Authority & Ambition - This finger represents leadership, ambition, and self-confidence. the two rings gives me the perception that he might me an occult or recives powers from somewhere (not God) if u r to have the opportunity to question them, they might tell u it's fashion or sort of. , to take the place of the true change that should take place in our hearts. Since the split up of the Theosophical Society into various lineages after the death of Helena P. C. He had been trying to witness to his partner about Christ. We are Church of God in Christ BISHOPS, which suggests that we wear the best quality of GOLD. Exchanging wedding rings is a time-honored tradition that dates back centuries. Wearing rings on your right-hand index finger indicates leadership, while placing them on the more passive left hand signifies a willingness to follow. U. In fact, it sends messages to:• other people, according to cultural belief, tradition, and history;• your unconscious mind. I can guarantee you Pastor Malm is wearing a wedding ring, drinks coffee, eats meat, wears leather - all things that so called 'pagans' did and still do to this day. Welcome to /r/Occult! /r/Occult is a community centered around discussion of the occult, mysticism, esoterica, metaphysics, and other related topics, for those who likely believe that blind faith is the death of intelligence. These pastors can wear wedding rings or class rings, but there are no requirements for wearing jewellery of the church. The wedding ring is not an essential part of a valid marriage. How can people jubilate over atmosphere of miracles and before they get to the bus stop, the miracles have gone. All those who practice various forms of the occult surrender their will to the power of evil spirits. This is becoming less of an issue as the wearing of a man's wedding ring becomes more common, but is still an issue with many men. O. Clergy Rings by Fox Jewelry. When they have progressed, they are told that G. The circle also has great significance in Masonic and other cults. First and foremost they (we) are just men and women. Lay ministers are certified but have not met the requirements for becoming a minister of the church. As I stated before, They can wear any jewelry they want. We break demonic holds of psychic heredity on our family line. At the time police feared up to 25 children could have fallen victim Jakes, who is one of the most sought after pastors in the world, hit back at the criticism and explained that the jewelry in question is actually his wedding ring. Culture is also a consideration. I was then shown a former finance minister from Ghana, who was in hell for being a member of a secret society and also because of acquiring evil powers to give him a smart brain. New Age Medicine Therapies from the Devil?* Altered States of Consciousness. The person who has designed lucky rings is an experienced and knowledgeable astrologer, who has received a PhD from Rochville University for his research on Zodiac power rings. Evangelist Addai stated that Shatta Wale had come to perform at a show in Massachusetts and everyone in the audience could clearly see that Shatta Wale was wearing the said occultic rings whilst I don't have a problem with men, including pastors, wearing jewelry - including earrings. Individuals who are homosexual wear thumb rings to classify their sexual orientation and relationship status. In short sky is the limit once you wear this powerful ring. Click on a Category for More Photos. Pastor Malm harps on and on about COG's "adding' to scripture with unnecessary rules, yet he does it all the time. These rings can be created with a ring mould, a gold bar and gems (optional) using the Crafting skill with the required Crafting level. They also tend to wear class rings and fraternal rings on either of their index fingers. in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Nowadays, in addition to wearing these types of rings on the pinky finger, men wear them on the index finger. Although exceptions exist that are crafted from glass or bone, the vast majority of rings are forged from metal—usually precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. Wearing of wedding rings is another one of those pagan, man-made, unbiblical traditions that Christians have incorporated into our celebrations. They commit their lives to Christ and hence "marry" him. Either he is ignorant of the facts concerning Freemasonry, or he knows the facts and has decided that the cost of opposing Freemasonry is too high. Izzy appeared in the souvenir program wearing five different colored magic rings, the same colors of the Olympic flag circles. It is another sign of the apostasy in the church today. One of the most fascinating aspects of this book is the in-depth comparison of The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. This Ring is the Great power symbol of Ra Harakte and symbolises the invisible reality that manifests as life giving radiance. Weddng Rings Traditionally, Seventh Day Adventists do not exchange wedding rings during the ceremony, since Adventists do not believe in the wearing of jewelry. The Sun and Moon would "diamond ring" (see Egyptian Shen ring, it should be a "Shem" ring. It shows that but not wearing a ring is showing the St James has been the epicentre of Jamaica's crime earthquake over the past two years, with allegations that persons involved in the illegal lottery scam were taking part in blood rituals, getting midday 'baths' from spiritual healers and wearing special clothing or rings, which are believed to keep them safe. The “Star of David” is another popular jewelry piece worn by Christians who ignorantly honor their presumed Jewish heritage. For a man especially, wearing a ring beyond the wedding band is a statement. For a person willing to consider love the ring is traditionally worn on the right hand with the crown pointing away from the heart. Ghanaian 'Occultic' Musician Saved By Prophet TB Joshua. com. It details incidents from Pastor Younce's time as a police officer in the city of Troy, Ohio, and includes some very interesting clippings about those incidents from the Troy Daily News. Does it? Why the concern? It is true that God forbids worshipping Him using customs borrowed from pagan religions. Smart Ghana Update 287,892 views be very careful about these foolish people calling themselves men of god , be very extra careful you don't fall into their traps. A talisman is an object marked with magic powers and is believed to confer on its bearer supernatural powers or protection. SBC President of Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission Member of CFR. rev. A Kumasi-based Evangelist has allegedly accused actress Nana Ama McBrown of using Occult Rings, Gossipmail. , and a graduate of Southern Seminary in Louisville, Ky. The girl’s outfit appears to be a combination of these two entries from the 2017 London Fashion Show. Mercy Robes brings you the finest quality Church robes & accessories. Abanes focuses on several moral/religious issues, arguing that the magic in Tolkien is vastly different from the magick (the traditional occultic spelling for the term used when discussing witchcraft, divination, etc. Yet, not only is there no historical evidence that provides any definite conclusion on whether pagans originally used wedding rings as part of false religious practices or whether they even would still retain such religious significance, but there is no precise evidence that pagans first used When she was washing my feet she noticed my engagement ring. We have more than 250 Bishops in the Church, and each one wears a GOLD cross, a GOLD chain and a GOLD ring. Pastor Younce's new book, adapted from radio messages, and updated with added material is now available. Players can equip up to 2 Rings, but equipping two of the same item is not possible. They claim that those are traditions of pagans. It sybolizes the circle of life. Romantic promise - Some people choose to wear a promise ring on the left ring finger, although this is reserved for serious romantic promises. it is said is the root of all evils, and it is the only reason the current trend in the Christian community has been drawing many pastors farther from God every single day. If you are not careful, attending schools of the prophets in these last days you will regret it when you ignorantly find yourself being an occult network member. SEE GHANA OCCULT PROPHETS CRYING (Get free spiritual Directions) - Evangelist Addai. In many cultures the wearing of wedding rings by men would never be considered. Be informed on physics, Halloween, Wicca, Freemasonry, Scientology and more. If the object is an amulet or ring, it must be worn to have effect, while staves, wands, and weapons must be held in one hand. Whereas international pastors like TD Jakes have been accused of wearing diamond rings, African pastors are mostly accused of wearing strange occult rings. To avail oneself of the services of a touch healer or other occult healer, to resort to any kind of paranormal healing method is exceedingly dangerous. Rings on the left hand presumably symbolize a creative attitude. “I see mesmerism, hypnotism and occult display in what they do. They did not anticipate that the betrothal ring would eventually tempt Christians to follow the example of the pagans in wearing all sorts of ornamental rings. We carry an assortment of pagan rings suitable for men or women, including signet rings and poison rings for a unique twist on the usual design. Encourage you to use this list to warn others, especially children who intentionally wear and display them because they are popular. Castings can be made out of molted metal, in this case Sterling silver. owusu bempah finally speaks about his ring rev. In occult symbolism, holding horns means drawing occult power from demonic forces. By wearing the ring for 1 hour, a creature may imbue it with a teamwork feat he knows for 24 hours. The requirement is that people promise to love one another, and the ring is used to symbolise th I don't have a problem with men, including pastors, wearing jewelry - including earrings. but there are items of great beauty and art that are designed for nice purposes and are not pagan too. Considering the history of wedding rings, some wonder if the Bible forbids Christians from wearing them. The pastor came running over from the other side of the church and said, I saw a snake around her finger. Occult Of or characteristic of magical, mystical, or supernatural arts, phenomena, or influences. The Rings are infused by me and made with certain calculations based on your full name and your date of birth. We will cast the two Atlantis wedding rings that are to be wedding bands in the same mold, from the same metal at the same time. See this page in: Indonesian, Russian T oday, many people dabble in the mystical, occultic arts. The middle ring was stuck into her flesh and would not come off. This imagery, like the teaching and practices of the Order, was inherited directly from the occult and is universally recognised. ’ Buying a ring, the most confusing piece of bling there is! The meaning behind why we wear what has become one of the most obvious fashion statements of all time. U, which they are told is the god of their own religion. The Bible speaks of a deception so great that, if possible, even the very elect might be deceived. Other : I will wear this love gift with honour and joy as a sign to others that I am committed to you and to our life together. One of the most prominent, and yet deceptive, aspects of Freemasonry is its symbolism. The use of crystals as charms, amulets, or talismans is a type of occult practice, however benign it seems. pastors wearing occultic rings3 мар 201713 мар 201710 мар 2017OCCULT RINGS USED BY SOME PASTORS, SAID BY PROPHET ADAMA IDRISU. This person first wore this lucky ring himself and found a huge change in his luck. Wedding rings are firmly entrenched in our culture. [The Methodist followed the teachings of John Wesley that wedding rings were pagan and should not be worn. Perfectly fitting this requirement is the infinity ring, which, as the name symbolizes, means an infinite relationship with the person to whom you choose to give this ring. Admonishing parents, pastors and youth pastors to pay closer attention to what their children were “mentally and spiritually feeding on,” Horn hopes that Christians would begin to act to counter the dangers of pop culture’s fascination on occult practices before a generation was “lost to darkness. If you can't wear a regular band on the job, one of these options might be the perfect fit. Wiccan Rings Ranging from bold to elegant, the Wiccan rings available here at Medieval Collectibles offer a stunning look for any fan of new age styles. Thus, wearing rings on the right hand can be assumed to depict a logical thinking and controlled thoughts. This is in line with the speculations that there is now Illuminati in Nigeria . It is believed to have been derived from the Romans, as it was thought that the vein in the fourth finger was God declares the practice of the occult detestable (Deuteronomy 18:10–12), and witchcraft is named along with idolatry as ungodly behavior (Galatians 5:19–21). With relationships becoming more and more unstable, and promises proving to be futile in the long run, a ring worn with a belief that it will, in a way, remind each other of This entry was posted in The Occult and Cursed Objects and tagged how can I tell if an object is cursed, how do i know, identifying cursed objects in the home, is an occult symbol, list of cursed objects, occult symbols in films, occult symbols in my house, something is cursed, what makes an object cursed. Many conspiracy nuts have noted over the years (albeit without evidence of any kind -__-) that the Nike swoosh could (and does, as we can all clearly see^) represent the rings of Saturn, but there is far deeper significance to the rings symbolism alone, and far more the Nike swoosh You shall know the truth the symbols teach! Dr. It is not a boys' club or a group of adults parents trying to get some excitement in life; this is something much bigger than that. Putting the right one in the right Power Centre can increase that Power. The democratization of the mass media via the internet and other regular means, has brought many interesting advantages to radio listeners globally. R Tolkien), he expressed caution toward occult practices. There was no practice among early Christians to wear finger rings as a sign of marriage or an engagement. Wearing of jewelry (earrings, wedding rings, fraternity rings, masonic rings, wrist-watches, tie-tacs, fancy gold and silver pocket watches with dangling chains from vest pockets); Women preachers (as Pastors, Evangelists, female Apostles, Bible Teachers, and Faith Healers); Cursed objects: Physical objects can carry spiritual value, such as idols, occult books, rings, movies, charms, etc. This isn’t the first time Markle has been spotted wearing an eclectic arrangement of jewelry. It is altogether unnecessary when marriage partners are guided by the Bible principles of true love and purity. These symbols compiled by Pastor Billy Bissell. Not the first pastor I heard say this about women who wear make up and other cosmetics. In case of a married or engaged person Claddagh rings are worn on the left hand with the crown pointing away from the (the person wearing the ring) heart. If a player smelts iron ore while wearing the ring, it gives a 100% success rate. Widows sometimes He is represented as a falcon or a falcon-headed man wearing the solar disk and the double crown. The right side of the brain controls the left hand, and is responsible for creativity. Wearing a Pinky Finger ring on the left vs right hand: The left hand relates to a person’s personal, private life (eg. Their expensive colognes waft luxuriant scents on the pulpit where jewellery from gold and ruby chains to diamond rings are just a peek into what ‘prosperity gospel’ means in manifest opulence. Physical Description: Rings have no appreciable weight. Wearing a ring is a distinction of honour, but wearing many rings is usually a sign of someone who wants to attract attention to themselves, however many rings are a detraction from the personality, and perhaps a sign of low-self confidence. These pastors can wear wedding rings or class rings, but there are no requirements for wearing jewelry of the church. The word occult comes from the Latin word occultus (clandestine, hidden, secret), referring to Save Money Online Shopping. When she was washing my feet she noticed my engagement ring. The lady had three rings on that finger. Miracles are not limited to atmosphere. The Lord of the Rings Oracle is a new and extraordinary divinatory system based on the bestselling Lord of the Rings a story laden with mysterious magic. Pastor Louis Lamonica Jr. But there are people today who choose to wear it on their right hand. "[19] Surrounding the gift box were Harry Potter books and a multitude of more recent publications on witchcraft, palmistry, tarot cards and spell casting. But then again, there are preachers who don’t mind some level of controversy. General Overseer of the Fingers of God Church, Lagos and son of the late renowned magician, Professor Peller, Bishop Kayode Joseph Abiola Peller has accused Chris Oyakhilome and TB Joshua of being magicians. Elegant Tunic-the Woman Warrior Tunic Womens Tunic-Evening. During this time, any creature wearing the ring may use that feat when cooperating with the creature that imbued it, but not with other creatures even if they possess the same teamwork feat. Kings, priests and healers in the ancient days wore rings on the index finger because that finger was thought to be especially powerful. Physical Description : Rings have no appreciable weight. of Hosanna Church, Hammond, Louisiana, confessed to being the head of a Satanic ring in 2005. by Pastor Apollo C. At best, they may be left confused about God's views about the occult, and at worst, they may become enchanted by the magical existence of Harry and his friends, becoming desensitized to occult lifestyles. Here is a simplified but helpful guide to the understanding of relationship between rings and fingers. at home, with a spouse or with family) and the right hand relates to the public life (eg. masons worship pagan gods When Masons first join a lodge, they worship G. The exchanging of the rings expresses the couple's promise of faithfulness to each other. However and whenever the custom of the wedding band developed, it is seen today as a symbol of an unending commitment to the marriage relationship. When they proceeded to give the lady a speeding ticket, she began spewing profanity because she was angry that she got caught speeding. in addition to the traditional pastoral roles. Specific Gem Stones, for instance, each have their own power. The word occult comes from the Latin word occultus (clandestine, hidden, secret), referring to Nose piercing is an important custom which is followed by Indian women. While wearing a ring is part of the deal when getting married, there are some men who don't wear wedding rings. b) One : I give you this ring that you may choose to wear it and in doing so may be reminded and re-experience my deep love and regard for you. Grace and peace to the brethren and greetings to the unsaved. Ocultic pastors exposed/ fake pastors exposed by priceless beauty on 2018-02-21 In Video Ocultic pastors has been identified by their ring they wear which gives them powers to do miracles. stands for the Grand Architect of the Universe. Occult symbols are fast replacing Christian symbols in culture. The official position of the UPC on make-up is this: Since the primary effect of makeup is to highlight sex appeal, we reject makeup as immodest The reason some pastors and churches disapprove of Harry Potter is because Christianity prohibits witchcraft (Galatians 5:20). Ancient Egypt, witchcraft, paganism, everything goes as far as it’s religion or spirituality related. “What I see Temitope Joshua do from my own magic experience is what we call mesmerism. Many of our Clergy Rings and Ministers Rings are available in yellow or white gold. Summary: Be careful of wearing rings because which finger they are worn will represent different meanings. Furtick is a native of Moncks Corner, S. Upon the exchange of rings, the Catholic church allows the priest to say, "You may now exchange a kiss," although this is not a part of the official Catholic mass. She asked me what it was and I told her. Those who wear wedding rings will also backslide in the wearing of apparel and eventually on all matters of Christian holiness ***Ouroboros ( Auroboros ) Sign of Totality The snake swallowing its own tail represents; rebirth, immortality, the round of existence, evolution, continuity, and perpetual movement of the universe. Now, it would probably be a distraction to many, so he should contemplate carefully whether he should or not. Occultism is alive and well todayespecially in mainstream media. All early Baptist in America rejected use of the pagan wedding ring. Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. The custom of wearing the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is based upon a romantic, although unscientific, Greek fable that the artery from that finger flows directly to the heart. Earrings, diamonds, bangles and necklaces can all be used for pagan worship . We renounce occult literature and will destroy such books, going to fortune tellers, reading horoscopes, believing in reincarnation, and psychic and occult contact. Why would a pastor condone or defend Freemasonry? If we assume that a pastor understands the Gospel of Jesus Christ, there are only two possibilities. Sources have revealed further that, in order to achieve its agenda, The Illuminati has no reservations whatsoever for adopting devilish means such as witchcraft, terror, blackmail, and so on. ) in Harry Shatta Wale responds to rumors of being occultic and explains his "evil" chains and rings He explained that most of the symbolism in his jewellery was to represent "Libra". Is there anything wrong with being involved in these practices? Yes, the Bible takes a clear position on this subject, strongly denouncing these practices. Updated Jan 31st, 2013 – Illuminati Members In Nigeria List: Nigerian Celebrities, Musicians, Pastors & People In Secret Society There are wide rumors of possible Illuminati members in Nigeria . Page has also been seen wearing occult symbols while performing. The Evangelist (Name Withheld) took to his Facebook and accused the prolific actress for using occult rings to secure roles in the movie industry. Wedding Rings - Pagan Origin? Some have made the objection that wedding rings have a pagan origin. Thus, they literally order their lives by occult numerology – such numerology also is a key component in astrology, another system of divining that Satanists observe very closely. Definition: The deliberate cultivation of abnormal states of consciousness (states not normally experienced apart from a specific technique or program to develop them). Today I found out the history and symbolism behind the tradition of wearing a wedding ring and why, in most western cultures, it’s worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, otherwise known as the ring finger. Mood rings are in the same category; also, jewelry and emblems bearing the “peace sign” as this is referred to in witchcraft as the “broken cross,” mocking Jesus’ death. The big lie about ear rings and wedding rings is garbage though. The original ring was the Sun eclipsing with the moon when a Pharaoh exited successfully from the Sun rites. The wedding ring is the outward expression of the inward bond, as two hearts unite as one, promising to love each other with fidelity for all eternity. Significance. Popular televisions show and movies espouse occultic teaching. Wearing your wedding ring on your left ring finger stems from an old belief that it contained a vein that connected to the heart, an edict that England's King Edward VI made official during the 16th century. At Gemvara, we believe that the ring you wear should be as unique as you. at work, in society etc). What is the problem with wearing a cheap ring or a middle one no it is the way should be but not very expensive. As some of you may be aware if you have followed this site since its start a few months ago, as well as doctrinal issues, some current events, and whatever the Spirit moves us to talk about, we have also from time to time touched on the ancient pagan religion of Babylon. Led Zeppelin's classic hit "Stairway to Heaven" has been rumored to have a satanic meaning that can only be heard if the song is played backward. Wearing rings is not just about style. A good example of such a preacher is Pastor Gino Jennings who taught that everyone who wears rings, bracelets or lipstick is nothing but a ‘h*e. The ring is a symbol of their lifelong commitment, devotion and fidelity to Jesus. The pastor visited us and while with us, he took my hand and told me that it is not good to wear the wedding ring. But the significance of wearing nose rings Wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand due to tradition. ” There are several reasons why we should care about finger meaning and symbolism. The symbolism and custom of wearing wedding rings have become engrained in many cultures around the world. I believe that wearing gold, like in a necklace or a ring is vanity; they are worn to show wealth or make one more beautiful. While the term ‘right hand ring’ is a relatively new one, the idea of wearing a ring on the right hand to signify a woman’s economic independence has its roots in the original cocktail rings of the 1920s. Visit Pastor Reckart's Jewish Jesus Blog THE QUESTION OF RINGS. I met some Spanish priests in Europe who were members of a religious order that required them to wear wedding rings as a symbol of their relationship with the Church. Mennonites likewise rejected the wedding ring as pagan. However, after smelting 140 iron ores while wearing it, the ring disintegrates. Women's tailored tunic, pictured here with a slit skirt and triangular pants. Home. Why Men Wear Earrings. A third magic ring doesn't work if the wearer is already wearing two magic rings. I saw some Ghanaians wearing different rings, gold, silver and brass, and they were all members of secret societies. In 2017, Markle was seen on several occasions wearing a range of different rings on both hands, including three gold bands on her right ring finger which many thought to mean that Prince Harry had bought her a promise ring. Wedding rings make two souls One. Many Christians wear crosses as a proud expression of their love, respect, and service to Christ, along with a remembrance of what He did for us. By Pastor Daniel Mena The subject of jewelry, which includes all ornaments, even rings, must be approached first of all with a sweet spirit. Yet, not only is there no historical evidence that provides any definite conclusion on whether pagans originally used wedding rings as part of false religious practices or whether they even would still retain such religious significance, but there is no precise evidence that pagans first used Lore of the Ring When researching Freemasons For Dummies , I came across the urban legend that there are no 33rd degree rings in pawn shops because 33rd degree Masons dabble in witchcraft and are immolated in the practice of Magick™. The wedding ring comes from paganism. When a man wears what a woman is supposed to be wearing, it simply says he is not completely confident about his total package/ himself and needs to add more “glitters” to enhance his look. From funky and big ones to delicate and thin ones, from diamond ones to crystal ones A ring of forging can be made by enchanting a ruby ring, using the spell Lvl-3 Enchant. For example, my pastor, who is an ex-policeman, tells the story of the lady he pulled over for speeding. A bit late to ask, but is this page important? Perhaps the people who place most importance on wedding rings are jewellers. The Bishop has been married to his wife, pastor Serita A. [C16: from Latin occultus, past principle of occulere, from ob over, up + culãre, related to celare to conceal] Wax is carefully being sculpted into the shape of the ring, this wax prototype is then used to form a plaster mold. Fascination with the occult is growing among Millennials. Pastor Bissell served as a Chaplin and Ritualistic Crime Consultant for the Police Dept. Can Women be Pastors? A question came up last night between my fiance and myself about 1 Corinthians 14:34-35. by Frank Reitemeyer . Quiboloy Leave a Comment Jun 15 I came from that denomination you have been talking about that interprets the Word of the Father very narrowly. And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers (Ephesians4:10-11). Be aware, though, wearing a signature ring is not a statement everyone will get. While the Bible does not give us specific directions on if I am supposed to wear a robe, tie, bow tie, khakis, designer jeans, hip t-shirts, or flip-flops to the church house, it does give us direction concerning attire. This way the two wedding rings are actually one at the moment of their creation. Rings are accessories in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered that provide various bonuses when equipped. There is no biblical reference decreeing the wedding ring as a requirement. ) in Harry If that is where your heart is, trying to impress other people with what you are wearing, trying to draw attention to yourself I doubt if it is just a wedding ring that would be what you are using to do that, it would be everything that you are wearing, the whole outfit. Some pastors says women can't even wear pants. An example is the small church setting, where pastors are known to be treasurer, secretary, janitor, etc. Page -1-Article Six JESUS IS THE DELIVERER INDIGO BLUE CHILDREN Disney’s The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Time Warner’s The Lord of the Rings ---Harry Potter Movies The Illuminati (or Moriah Conquering Wind as they prefer to call themselves these days) is a very secretive group of occult practitioners who have been around for thousands and thousands of years. This has led to a battle over which pastor’s ring does the most miracles yet their church members seem not to be getting anywhere close to their riches. Be aware The wedding ring is a visible sign that the couple are committed to one another, and for this reason, the ring is a part of the wedding service. It is a sad day in America when our most influential preachers are selling out to the New World order. Furthermore, the Old Testament prohibitions on occult practices apply not just to Jews, but to everyone. Nuns wear wedding bands to signify their status as brides of Christ. When studying symbology, the symbol for fire is a circle. Jakes, for more than 30 years. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Mercy Johnson got wedded in his church), Pastor Chris Okotie (3 times presidential candidate, previously reported by Naijapals), Pastor Fireman and others have according to naijapals allegedly become multi-billionaires through a special model of the "church business". As though these were not enough hats to wear, there are often more roles to be assumed by pastors--of a social, political, and secretarial kind. Yesterday, Hailey Baldwin was spotted wearing some bling on her left ring finger, but it wasn't the giant engagement ring from Justin Bieber. The circular shape of the rings symbolizes eternity and the hope of an enduring marriage. We offer an extensive selection of the finest fabric in exquisite designs. If they're married outside their not under the den…omination of wind America's Pastors are Increasingly Turning Apostate, Selling Out to the New World Order. MYSTICAL AND MAGICAL TALISMANS . On The Wearing of Wedding Rings So this is an interesting conversation that has come up among some friends and one that generates a visceral reaction when broached. " "However, the first explicit description of the ring’s usage seems to come from Isidore of Seville, who became archbishop of that city in 595